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8-11 September 2016 Sagrantino Montefalco – Umbria International Speedtasting- Rebecca Perry, Domaine Direct, UK “It was really useful to taste the wines from the various producers in the evenings with the local, fabulous (!!) cuisine. Both before and after seeing the wineries it really helped to cement a view to actually be able to drink these wines with the right food and discuss them with other people on the trip.”

International Press Trentino 19-22 May 2016 –  Beatrice Laurinaviciene – “Verslo minis”  – Lithuania  The event was organised perfectly and the program has been professionally prepared. All the time I was wondering how Michele is able to arrange things so well that everything is running as a Swiss train schedule.

International Press Trentino 19-22 May 2016 – Christine Austin Wine Writer for The Yorkshire Post UK – I Thank you Michele for organising such a great group.  Your attention to detail in arranging the group, the visits and the timings is exemplary.  Michele, not only was the trip enjoyable and fascinating, we tasted some great wines and you even managed to get the weather under control too!

International Press Trentino 19-22 May 2016 – David Lyon – The Hungry Traveler – USA –  “Michèle, as always, I came away impressed by your choice of participants. Not only did they make a simpatico traveling group, each journalist had a wealth of knowledge and experience that made the whole trip a constant learning experience.”

MW Student trip to the Marche Region 5-8 may 2016 – Penny Richards, Executive Director, Institute of Masters of Wine –  Thanks for guiding all of this, and thanks Michele for being such an admirable host. I am hearing lovely things from the students.

Colli Vicentini Speedtatsing 9-11 October 2015 – Chris Bowman, Sales Manager, Raya Imports, USA – Your events are always very well organized and useful.  Thank you for the invitation though, I’m looking forward to taking part in Speed Tastings next year when the timing will be better for us to expand our Italian portfolio.

Marche Speedtatsing 15-18 October 2015 – SANGIOVANNI- Katia Stracci – COMMENT ON THE SPEEDTASTING EVENT: Innanzitutto La ringrazio per aver organizzato un evento molto interessante. La ringrazio moltissimo per la Sua presenza e Le faccio i miei complimenti per la professionalità dell’evento.

Marche Speedtatsing 15-18 October 2015 – Politi – Maria Giuditta Politi – COMMENT ON THE SPEEDTASTING EVENT: Speedtasting: great formula; all the countries represented by buyers were of interest. The formula is very intense, but your get an immediate feel of who you might do business with. Speed tasting is great value for money. “

Colli Vicentini Speedtatsing 9-11 October 2015  – Wojciech Sajniak Caterteam Sp.z o.o. Poland – Speedtasting is a great opportunity to meet number of producers worth cooperating with, to start cooperation satisfactory to both sides, select best option for the market.

Colli Vicentini Speedtatsing 9-11 October 2015 – Marius Sobye – Nebbiolowines – Norway Speedtasting is a unique opportunity for me to learn moore about the appellations in Italy. We are expanding to include all Italy and Speedtsting gives us a fantastic opportunity to get a chance to taste so many producers in one trip.

Colli Vicentini Speedtatsing 9-11 October 2015 – Scott Krahn- HAUS ALPENZ – New York – USA  The Speedtasting service: Awesome. The staff was excellent, attentive but not overly so.  The organization of the event: I commend you on the organization of the event. Many of these events are quite the opposite. Poorly organized and lots of wasted time.

Marche Speedtatsing 23-28 June 2015 – Tenuta di Tavignano – Giulio Piazzini
COMMENT ON THE SPEEDTASTING EVENT: Volevo ringraziarti per l’organizzazione dello speedtasting del 27 giugno scorso; abbiamo avuto un’impressione positiva dell’evento soprattutto perché dei 12 importatori, 9 hanno fatto visita in azienda.

Marche Speedtatsing 23-28 June 2015 – Ten Green Bottles – Lisanna Tammsalu

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: It’s the second time for me to do the speedtasting and I am increasingly impressed with how useful and it is and how much useful information it is possible to absorb in a few hour session.

The Speedtasting location: Being in the same hotel meant that we could start early and have enough time for visits too.. The room was big enough so that tables did not interrupt each other

The organization of the event: Very smooth and professional

The winery visits – Great! The best way to build a relationship with the producer.


Marche Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – Caterteam Sp. z o.o. – Wojciech Sajniak


The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: Formula of the speedtasting was very efficient. 20 minutes is enough time not only to taste presented wines and assess them, but also introduce the company and its’ philosophy. On the other hand, there could be more than 4 wines to be tasted. It seems that some wineries could have more interesting wines to show but couldn’t do it due to the limit. In my opinion up to 6 wines could be presented within those 20 minutes.

The Speedtasting location: The location of the event was a good choice. Jesi is in the area where some very important appellations of Marche region are produced. The location made it easier to reach different wineries on the ‘visiting’ part of the event.

The organization of the event: 100% Professional

The winery visits – One of the most interesting parts of the event. Made it possible to learn the production methods of the wineries, taste the wines that were not presented during speedtasting, learn something about the area and the producers themselves. Good way to verify the choice of the most interesting winery.


San Gimignano Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – WINE HOUSE LIMITED,- DAVID NETZER –

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: I thought it was run very efficiently. The time allotted was sufficient to form a decent opinion of the wines; being able to visit 4 producers was more than satisfactory, and it gave me a good base of knowledge from which to begin to make my decisions. And the number of meetings per day was extremely easy to handle. I could have even handled a couple more producers per day.

The Speedtasting location: the venue was fantastic; beautiful hotel, nice staff, the meeting room was perfect.

The organization of the event: really perfect, everything started on time, and again was run extremely efficiently. The lunches were great, it was nice to revisit some of the wines during the lunches. The dinners were awesome, very convivial, and it was nice that we (the participants) were able to speak freely with each other about the wines/growers. There was enough free time so that I could catch up on emails, etc, and the event didn’t seem like a death march of endless meetings like some trade show type events can be.

The logistics: Perfect. Everything was well coordinated, and seemed to run really smoothly.

The winery visits – There was plenty of time to see the operations, visit vineyards, taste unbottled samples, whatever I felt was most important at each winery, so again, really well run.


San Gimignano Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – TROTTA WINE LLC ,- MARIO TROTTA –
Definitely was the best experience to pick out our top favorite wineries! was a closer connection and experience by doing that I highly recommend. Especially too see what their facility looks like before making the investment into it.


San Gimignano Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – Harvest Moon Distributors, LLC – Cherie Rivett & Gloria Richards –
One of the best events I have attended.


San Gimignano Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – Fratelli Vagnoni

1. La formula BtoB proposta da Michèle Shah srl: Ottima Formula
2. Sono rimasto molto contento dell’organizzazione, nei modi e nei tempi la manifestazione è stata di grande successo.
3. Cosa pensate della qualità dei buyers incontrati: La qualità dei Buyers è buona, possibilità di varie zone ma anche di più buyers per zona in modo da rendere possibile a più aziende di partecipare sulla stessa zona.
4. Altri commenti: Voglio ringraziare Michele per la cura dell’organizzazione.


San Gimignano Speedtatsing 19-22 June 2015 – AZ. AGR. PIETRASERENA – ANDREA ARRIGONI

1. La formula BtoB proposta da Michèle Shah srl: eccellente
2. L’organizzazione dell’evento: eccellente
3. La location dell’evento: buono

Cosa pensate della qualità dei buyers incontrati: giusta
Con quali aziende/buyers ritenete possa esserci un seguito a breve/medio termine:5/6
Sareste interessati a partecipare ad altre edizioni di Speedtasting?: si
Indicate il livello di gradimento generale dell’evento da 1 a 10: 10
Indicate il livello di gradimento dello Speedtasting da 1 a 10: 10
Altri commenti: E stato un evento ben organizzato e molto sintetico. Buyers selezionati sono realmente interessati. Complimenti


Michael Lam – BILLION GREAT INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD – Hong Kong – Lambrusco Event 22-26 April 2016

  • The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: Good arrangement and professional
  • The Speedtasting location: Nice place, space is big enough
  • The Speedtasting service: This is the best service as I joined, superb service.
  • The organization of the event: Nice
  • Comment on the hotel: Excellent
  • Comment on the dinners: It is very good to put all the wines for tasting with the food and let the buyers can share their comment and taste again each wine.


The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: very good formula, meeting to allow you to get in contact and knowledge of the offer. Sufficient to determine whether the products are of interest to potential customers Tutto Bene –  Speedtasting Modena Food 2015

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed is VERY OBJETIVE, DIRECT AND SUCESSFUL METHOD Luciano Furquim – Vital Gourmet – Speedtasting Modena Food 2015


Grazie ancora per questa opportunita’, direi che come organizzazione e’ sicuramente uno degli eventi meglio organizzati a cui ho partecipato. I must to say that Michele organize the best event in terms of schedule and organization of each single day.  Enrico Sasso Il Pioppo USA – Speedtasting Modena Food 2015

The trip was excellently coordinated and gave us all us much opportunity to educate ourselves and discover premium products which the region of Emiglia Romana has to offer. The SPEEDTASTING provided satisfactorily with an ample profile of the overall style and quality of the food taste, especially on those products, where production places (origin) was inspected prior to the ST meeting with the supplier Thomas Egloff – Finessa HK Speedtasting Modena Food 2015


The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: It is very good approach and buyer can face to face to taste and ask the questions with the producer, and even visit their vineyard to understand more detail. That will be good for the buyer to have better decision making for business not only for the quality of wine and price, but also understand the management and philosophy behind.  Michael Lam Billion Int – HK – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed: Excellent. 20 minutes is just about the right amount of time to taste the key wines from each of the producers to make the most of the limited time. If the tastings take too long, I would have become tired and lost attention. Wang Chong – Wangi Wines UK –  Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

·       The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed:  Excellent, efficient and very practical method to meet a good number of producers with an opportunity to speak to them outside of noisy, crowded trade shows.

·       The Speedtasting location:  Good use of space.

·       The Speedtasting service:  Excellent hostesses who directed you to the correct table at the right time.

·       The organization of the event: Very well done again!  Nothing was overlooked.

·       Comment on the hotel: Very nice property with friendly staff, very clean rooms.  Would return happily. Nuray Ali ex-cellars – Canada -Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed:  Is very useful and efficient

The Speedtasting location:  Is very useful and efficient

The Speedtasting service: Very good overall.  Well organized

The organization of the event:   Well organized over all but may consider for less developed markets like Hong Kong, the second day of producers (almost all Barbera, not so relevant) but was good that the event included some very top quality niche wines such as the Alto Piemonte of Pietro Cassina (which Cottage Vineyards will represent!!!)

Comment on the hotel:   Good  Ada Nga Ting LEUNG – Cottage Vineyards (International) Limtied – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015


Per la mia azienda è stato un successo ……………quindi ritengo che l’esperienza sia stata molto positiva

Ringrazio il suo staff è quello del Consorzio Sylla Sebaste –  Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

La formula  Speedtasting  è  la  soluzione ideale  per  incontrare in poco  tempo  operatori  selezionati provenienti da  più  paesi, incrociando così  domanda  ed  offerta ,  ed  altresì un  modo per  consentire   ai  buyers di  approfondire la conoscenza  non  solo dei  nostri  vini, ma   anche del nostro  territorio e  della  nostra  gastronomia . Ca’ ed Balos – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

siamo soddisfatti dell’evento sia come organizzazione che per l’alto profilo dei buyers intervenuti. Federico Ghilino – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

Ringraziamo innanzitutto per la vostra organizzazione dell’evento. B2B con importatori di livello e interessati ai nostri prodotti. Ottima organizzazione La Torricella – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

ringrazio per l’impeccabile organizzazione !!! Marsaglia – Speedtasting i Vini del Piemonte 2015

…per noi è stata un’esperienza interessante, dato che era la prima volta che partecipavamo a questo tipo di iniziativa. Oltre al fatto di aver avuto l’occasione di conoscerti, è stato davvero interessante conoscere questa formula di incontro. Ritengo sia stata ben organizzata e già prima dell’incontro si sapeva esattamente chi avremmo incontrato e ci era stato fornito il materiale. Anche la gestione dell’evento è stata puntuale ed efficiente, rispettando i tempi assegnati. … è stata una preziosa occasione di contatto e di conoscenza reciproca a cui ha fatto seguito uno scambio di email, successivamente.  Nel complesso posso esprimere un giudizio ampiamente positivo. Elio Pisoni SPEEDTASTING VINI DEL TRENTINO OTTOBRE 2014


“ Momenti intensi di incontro, dove incontrare spesso e volentieri persone da ogni parte del mondo, con le quali oltre a tessere importanti relazioni commerciali si monitorano le nuove tendenze del mercato del vino, diventato totalmente globale”! Alessandro Favaro CANTINA Col Dovigo – Speedtasting Consorzi Vicentini ottobre 2014

Michele Shah organizes and arranges great importer trips!  MARGARETA LUNDEBERG. Speedtasting Marchet September 2014

The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed is very clear and well organized. Marta Regowska Caterteam  Speedtasting Soave September 2014


The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed is great as ever Michael Bodholdt BBVinimport Speedtasting Soave settembre 2014

I buyers incontrati sono MOLTO PROFESSIONALI E SERI; La formula BtoB proposta da Michèle Shah srl è un’OTTIMA FORMULA. Alberto Erbice. Villa Erbice – Speedtasting Soave settembre 2014

La formula BtoB proposta da Michèle Shah srl: Molto mirata, professionale senza dubbio Poderi Arcangelo – Speedtasting San Gimignano May 2014

Il sistema incoming lo ritengo molto valido per far conoscere ai buyers il nostro territorio e le nostre aziende. La formula proposta mi sembra molto interessante e efficace. La precisione dei tempi scanditi dalla campanella e  dai passaggi di Antonella di preavvertimento dello scadere del tempo e’ sinonimo di serieta’, professionalita’ e rispetto di tutti i partecipanti che hanno uguali opportunita’. La location e’ funzionale e molto bella… Casa Lucii Speedtasting  – San Gimignano May 2014

Indicate il livello di gradimento dello Speedtasting da 1 a 10:10 Fattoria San Donato – Speedtasting San Gimignano May 2014


La formula BtoB proposta da Michèle Shah srl: vincente, Michèle lo sa perché Le ho riconosciuto più volte il merito di portare ai B2B  team di buyers professionali e interessati a  conoscere nuovi territori e nuove produzioni. Palagetto – Speedtasting San Gimignano May 2014


Scrivo per ringraziarti per il livello dei buyer dell’evento di Monchiero della scorsa settimana. Sono stato soddisfatto sia come produttore che come consigliere del Consorzio.  Lorenzo Olivero. Olivero Mario Cantina. Speedtasting I Vini del Piemonte Febbraio 2014


Gli incontri con i Buyers internazionali sono organizzati in modo estremamente efficiente. I possibili partners sono molto selezionati, di qualità e certamente rappresentativi per i loro paesi di provenienza. Noi possiamo rallegrarci anche dell’efficacia di questi incontri, perché dopo una settimana abbiamo già l’ordine scritto e abbiamo raggiunto un nuovo Paese. Grazie Michéle.  Paolo e Christine Endrici. Cantina Endrizzi – Speedtasting Trentino Buyers event 24-28 Gennaio 2014

Michele…   You are one of the best when it comes to planning / promoting programs; I’ve been around the block, I know. I do hope to participate in your future programs.  I hold you in the highest regard. Ross Bouchard – US Wine Agent – Speedtasting Piemonte 2012


The tasting are always enjoyable to say the least. In all of my experiences with you in the past the planning and execution of the entire event is without a hitch. The wineries present are always of good quality with marketable wines in both value and what’s in the bottle. I have learned so much about the Italian wine industry in the past year and a half that I feel over the next year my portfolio will be tilted in that direction as I change my focus away from South American wines. Eclectic Cellars –  Florida USA  – Speedtasting Piemonte 2013


For a small importer like me with limited resources it means I can meet a lot of growers in one place and from one region I am interested in. The quality of wines on show especially on this last trip has been excellent. Also as someone who speaks no Italian I have translators on hand to explain the finer details. It is also a very good forum in which to exchange ideas with other importers from other countries and gets you outside of your comfort zone a little. ( a swimming pool always helps too!) Oeno UK  – Speedtasting Piemonte 2013


interested in participating in a future SPEEDTASTING event, all of them! This was the second we participated in and those experiences brought us more labels in our portfolio. We like the concept and we trust Michele for the choice of regions and producers. Heritage Wines Hong Kong  – Speedtasting Piemonte 2013


SPEEDTASTING: Better market overview, better understanding of culture and residents. Kessler Konsulting Germania – Speedtasting Piemonte 2013


I find it essential if I am going to start a relationship with a winery that I must meet the principals and their winery so I have a good understanding of the  wines and style that I can take back with me and tell my sales people and clients. Great concept and organized events . Works very well for me. Groupe Soleil Canada – Speedtasting Piemonte 2013


the Speedtasting format is a very efficient and practical way to meet a good number of producers and have the opportunity to learn about their property and wines I really enjoy seeing parts of Italy that would not normally be visited,  the dinners are very enjoyable,  and great to meet other importers and learn about their markets. ex-Cellars Wine Services Canada – Speedtasting Consorzi Veneti 2013


new discoveries, useful contacts, experience. KAZUMIAN Russia – Speedtasting Consorzi Veneti 2013


I have found Speedtasting  to be very productive in  discovering new wineries that we have ended up adding to our portfolio: it is also a pleasure to meet and interact with newly discovered colleagues in the wine business , and to enjoy the hospitality provided be the hosts at these events. MANI AGENCY LIMITED Canada – Speedtasting Consorzi Veneti 2013


Hi Michele – sadly we are back home & back to work after the best holiday ever.  You and others like you, made our trip memorable for all the right reasons.  We all appreciated the time we spent with you and the information and history you provided.  Whilst I may still have an “undeveloped palate”, thanks to you, I’m developing it quickly J. I’d happily recommend your services to anyone, if you would like to pursue more of this kind of work in future.  As you’re well aware there was a large variation in the appreciation of wine within our group but everybody was a convert afterwards & loved every part of your program & everybody thought your fees were good value. Private consumers Australians in Tuscany

  • The SPEEDTASTING formula proposed:
  • I like it. This way you can meet many producers and if you need more info there are many opportunities to meet later.
  • The organization of the event:
  • Excellent. The detail and execution of them is really quite something.
  • The locations:
  • They were fine. Because of the busy schedule, keeping the driving times to a minimum is a must.
  • The service:
  • Overall I think service from all aspects was very good.
  • The logistics:
  • Considering the complexity of trying to give everyone what they wanted as far as people and place goes was carried out very well. Artisanal Wine Imports – Canada -ON.  Speedtasting Consorzi Vicenza 2013

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